AluminTechno JLLC provides an extensive range of aluminium systems to suit the projects of any complexity level:

  • Facade systems (stick built curtain walls, unitized curtain walls and cladding system).
  • Window and door systems, balcony glazing systems.
  • Special systems (fire-rated doors and partitions, lift and slide doors, ventilation grilles, etc.).
  • Interior systems (office and all-glass partitions).

Aluminium system products have increased corrosion resistance and offer high intensity of operating usage, maintain comfortable indoor temperature and do not lose their properties between − 80 °C and 100 °C temperature range.

Modernization of aluminium profile systems

ALUTECH informs about modernization of several aluminium profile systems. The update relates to ALT F50 curtain wall system, ALT W62 and ALT W72 thermally broken window and door systems.