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Traditional hinged doors made of metal have not met up-to-date requirements yet. An alternative to that construction is automatic sectional garage doors, a trend that came to us from the West. For a comparatively short period of about 10 years a luxury attribute they used to be turned into a convenient article of daily necessity.

Sectional doors meet the most demanding requirements of our customers: usability, reliability and safety, good door sealing and excellent heat insulation.

ALUTECH Group of companies is the leading manufacturer of sectional doors in the CIS countries.

The Company offers the following types of sectional doors:

  • Garage Doors. These doors are commonly used in construction of cottages, garages and parking lots. Small size of the crossbar makes it possible to install the doors almost in any garage. A wide range of panel drawings and colors allows maintaining and highlighting both the style of a modern hi-tech house, and a classic type cottage;
  • Industrial. Reinforced structure and numerous design styles (10 installation types) allow to install such doors at any production site. Its size can reach 7 x 6 m. Application of highly corrosion-resistant component parts extends the service life;
  • Panoramic. Maximum transparency of such doorsensures high visibility and natural room illumination. These are widely used in motor showrooms, service centers and Emergency Situations Ministry’s facilities, are distinguished by longevity, easy maintenance and elegant appearance.

The weight of sectional door is compensated by individually selected springs; thereby even heavy industrial non-automatic doors can be open and closed manually.

For more comfortable control ALUTECH Group of companies offers automation systems of the leading European manufacturers. Automatic garage doors equipped with remote control are easily controlled straight from the car. It is especially convenient in a bad weather – rain or snow: you only need to press a button on the RC and the doors will open.

Overhead electric motors are used to automate garage doors. The motor with power rod is mounted directly under the room ceiling.

Electric motors for industrial doors automation are installed directly on the shaft. This type of drives enables automation of large size doors (up to 45 sq. m). Thus the ability of intensive usage is provided. It is possible to install such drives in unheated premises and rooms with high humidity.

Additional elements, such as remote control devices, optical sensors and photocells, control lights, signal lights etc., ensure comfortable and safe operation.

All types of ALUTECH sectional doors are operationally safe regardless of whether they are driven electrically or manually. All systems comply with the European safety standards EN 12604 and EN 12453.

For our customers’ convenience the doors may be supplied with wicket door or side door, which design will not differ from that of the main structure. The wicket door provides an additional entrance to the premises and allows extending the service life of the automated garage doors.

A wide range of windows, locks, vent grids and etc. contributes to extra comfort from using automated sectional doors.

Various types of sandwich-panels are used in production:

  • "Microwave”. The panel with such pattern has the quality to conceal minor defects of lacquer coating preserving perfect appearance for years to come;
  • S-ribbed ribbed, M-panel and L-panel. A state-of-the-art type of the panel with equally spaced horizontal strips. Due to symmetrical location of ribs the panel joints of assembled panel are completely hidden.
  • Cassette panel. Door panes (cassettes) are structures accurately distributed across the width and height, being the element of design, and seamlessly fit into the house design.

A wide variety of colors allows selecting garage doors that perfectly match the house design. For private cottages and houses made of wood, red brick and other decorative materials ALUTECH offers panels with the following panel colors: golden oak, dark oak and cherry. Sectional doors with grained panel color accurately imitate wood structure, are UV rays resistant, moisture proof and preserve an attractive appearance for a long time.

Roller shutter systems (roller shutters) are one of the most efficient ways to protect premises from break-in and burglary , which is evidenced by its active usage by banks, boutiques and shopping malls. Roller shutters also help in maintaining a comfortable in-house atmosphere protecting windows from bright sun, strong wind and rain, noise, dust and strangers. In winter roller shutters help to preserve warmth in the house, while in the summer – keep the house cool. It significantly saves the energy.

Roller shutter systems are aesthetically pleasant and match any architecture style harmonically, from classical to ultra-modern trends. Wide range of ALUTECH systems includes roller shutters for window and door openings, roller garage doors and rolling grills. For this reason roller shutter systems can be installed in various premises: in private houses and garages, stores, boutiques, banks, trade pavilions, cafes and restaurants, industrial shops or warehouses. Usage of roller shutters significantly increases comfort and safety of any premise.

ALUTECH Group of companies is the first and the only company in Belarus, focused on the production of architectural and construction systems made of aluminum extruded profiles.

Today there are many promising trends in construction where application of aluminum profiles is the most efficient. These include facade systems, entry elements, office and interior partition walls, facades with structural glazing. In addition to the above mentioned, translucent roofs, stained glass windows and a large number of other aluminum facade structures are also an integral part of modern architecture.

In the field of architectural and construction and interior aluminum structures ALUTECH offers:

  • ALUTECH ALT F50 post-transom facade system;
  • ALUTECH ALT W62 window frame system with thermal insulation;
  • ALUTECH ALT C48 window frame system without thermal insulation
  • ALUTECH ALT W72 window and door frame system with high thermal insulation frame
  • ALUTECH ALT100 balcony and frame glazing system;
  • ALUTECH ALT150 suspended ventilated facade system;
  • ALUTECH ALT110 office partition wall system;
  • ALUTECH ALT111 interior partition wall system;
  • ALUTECH ALT115 full-glass partition wall system;
  • ALUTECH ALT118 light partition wall system;

ALUTECH Group of companies offers multi-purpose automatics systems at various price levels and various complexity degree, produced by leading manufacturers in the field of door automation: Nice (Italy) and Marantec (Germany):

  • Automatics for different and door types;
  • automatic bars;
  • accessories (safety devices, access control, remote control ,etc.).

Application of doors and gates automation equipment guarantees comfort, reliability and safety of gate and door mechanism control. At the same time access to any restricted territory will be controllable.

Today's automatic equipment, taking into account its almost noiseless operation, ensures quick gate anddoor control, is suitable for use in various climatic conditions and can be operated within a wide intensity range. Easy installation and maintenance, as well as extended service life make the gate automatic equipment an irreplaceable attribute of every day comfort.

ALUTECH Group of companies guaranties a high level of warranty and post-warranty service maintenance of automatic equipment. All automatics systems offered by the ALUTECH Group of companies are certified.